Standard Reviews

This section is for games that contain a fairly generic review. There are minimal spoilers and simply my observations from my first playthroughs. In some cases, the reviews will be of games I have replayed on multiple occasions simply because I did not have this blog around when I first completed the game. Most of the time I will focus on my first impressions, the characters, protagonist, gameplay, and graphics/aesthetics.

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In the past I have dabbled in Otome games, the first being the original Hakuoki, and have recently rekindled my interest the general world of Otome. In regard to Otome games I am very picky about the story quality, characterizations, and artistic/aesthetic styles. Now that we have that over with I really do enjoy playing Otome games because I find them entertaining and it’s a different pacing from other games. I do like how there are various routes because the variation of the story can be interesting, in the best of the best you can experience a while different perspective with the same plot premise which is quite fun! I believe in the Otome world you shouldn’t take it too seriously and just simply enjoy the experience.

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Casual Reviews

I made this section because I thought that there are certain games that are more casual in nature. I like playing sandbox, building, management, strategy, and the occasional boardgame/card inspired video games. For many of these games I’ll focus on what I like from the game and why I continuously play it throughout the months/years.

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