NOT to be Reviewed

Why don’t I want to review these games?

  • Played long ago and don’t want to replay it
  • Played long ago and didn’t like the game
  • Never finished the game to completion and have no desire to do so
  • The game didn’t interest me
  • Not worth my time to write up a review and at least partially replay it
  • [Otome] Has a 17-year-old heroine

“Normal Games”

Assassin’s Creed: Odessey: Played the whole thing and don’t ever want to replay it again. Didn’t like the new game mechanics and that it was no longer a stealth game. I mean, can we even call this game an AC game if it doesn’t even have the hidden blade?? I also hated that this game was the first to implement the RPG elements. I simply don’t play AC to have an RPG experience. I have other gripes but this game and the general direction of the AC series is something I am not interested. In all likelihood, this is where my AC journey ends.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins: I really enjoyed this AC game but I just don’t have the time or energy to replay this massively large and long game. I really liked Bayek as the main character and he has been (and probably will be) my last protagonist I liked from the AC series. I appreciate how we got a well-rounded character that wasn’t “customizable” and marketed as an RPG game. Bayek had his own personal journey we as the player were a part of. I also had a blast exploring ancient Egypt with the myriad of cities, areas, and recognizable buildings of ancient Egypt. If you haven’t played this game I highly recommend it!

Life is Strange: I played this game with a friend and it was okay. I really wasn’t a fan of the whole high school simulator vibe and didn’t like many of the characters including the protagonist. I begrudgingly finished it and do not have the desire to even play it on my own.

Life is Strange 2: Again, I played this with a friend. This story was even weirder and appeared to have nothing in common with the first game. Due to circumstances and the episodic release of the episodes I have never finished this game and don’t feel the need to do so.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Played the whole thing and don’t want to replay it again. This game disappointed me because I didn’t enjoy the overarching plot and the supposed finish of the trilogy. I was excited for the location but ended up not enjoying the plot or the extremely creepy creatures amongst other components of the game. I am not a fan of horror and wanted to explore my tombs in peace while solving puzzles. Instead, we got creepy creatures attacking you mindlessly and frequently.

Tales of Zestiria: This was the first Tales game I’ve played. I actually believe I got pretty far into the story but then the overall plot and story just seemed to fizzle out for me. I was so close to the final battle but didn’t want to continue mindlessly grinding and levelling up. Since I wasn’t that invested, I just stopped playing it.

Yakuza 3-6: I liked the first three chronological games. I know of the general story and some spoilers and I liked where Yakuza Kiwami 2 left off. This is an indefinite end of my Yakuza journey.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon: I was curious to give it a go and then I saw that the gameplay wasn’t the same as the other games. At the moment I don’t see a need to play this game.

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward: I started this game long ago and didn’t like it as well as its predecessor 999. I didn’t like the main protagonist or the other cast of characters. I also thought the usage of 3D models instead of the 2D drawings was a step backwards. Overall, I wasn’t enjoying the game as much as I hoped and ended up playing other games instead and just forgot about it.


Amnesia: I played this one on my Vita way back in the day. I had heard acquaintances of friends giving it high praises and decided to give it a go. I did NOT like this game at all and honestly one route in particular felt REALLY uncomfortable and I actually just ended up quitting and never finishing the game. Tbh I don’t have any desire to play this game, really not my cup of tea.

Collar x Malice Unlimited: I didn’t really care for the first game, so I don’t need to spend money on the sequel.

Cupid Parasite: I am not a fan of this particular art style and the whole premise does not appeal to me. I’m really not into romcoms.

Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani: I am really not a fan of the art style in this particular otome. The overall premise doesn’t appeal to me either at this time.

Hakuoki (any version): Way back when I actually have played one of the many versions of Hakuoki available. Surprisingly, it was the phone version opposed to say the 3DS one. Honestly, I don’t really feel like I want to replay it again. I haven’t tried the newest version Kyoto Winds and Edo Blossoms. Maybe someday just not in the foreseeable future.

Mobile [any mobile Otome]: I don’t really play phone games all that often and don’t like the microtransaction aspect of them. I’d rather pay for a complete game once and never have to worry again.

Nightshade: 17-year-old heroine.

Norn9: Var Commons: I played this on my Vita when it first came out. I actually played all the routes and whatnot, but I found the story to be okay. In a moment of purging my games a few years back I decided I probably wouldn’t be replaying it anytime soon, so I sold it. I remember only actually liking one of the routes… I probably won’t be rebuying this or replaying it anytime soon.

TAISHO x ALICE: I do love a good Alice and Wonderland story but there’s something about this game that doesn’t appeal to me. Before it released on the Switch, I wasn’t ready pay for four separate chapters on Steam. One of the criticisms I’ve heard from others is that there’s quite a bit of modern vernacular and slang to the point that it feels off-putting. When I saw screenshots of the said dialogue, I can honestly say that it lessened my curiosity for this particular otome.

Variable Barricade: 17-year-old heroine.