Quail here! And a friendly welcome to my blog! Quail Dipped in Ink is a hobby blog where I will write reviews or random musings about games I have played recently or in the past. This blog was created in part because I want to gain more experience and insight in designing and running a website.

I have enjoyed playing video games for many years and thought that a website about game reviews seemed to be an appropriate extension of my enjoyment of video games. I have a fairly wide interest from action/adventure, RPG, otome, and even sandbox building games. I ultimately do appreciate when a video game has a good story and feels like a well-crafted experience.

I exclusively single player games because I simply don’t have a lot of interest in multiplayer games. I also do not partake in horror games because I am a big chicken haha. Over the years I have broadened my horizons in terms of video games and am excited to bring new reviews of a variety of games.

This blog is going to be casual with me having fun musing over games~ This is a hobby so this is indeed just for the sake of having fun and enjoyment. I feel like games are meant to simply be enjoyed and not taken super seriously. So my intent of this blog is simply going to be about the enjoyment of games.