Cyberpunk 2077 Review [Replayed Review]

Welcome to Night City!

General Info

Release Date: December 10, 2020
Rating: M 17+
Developer: CD Projekt
Publisher: CD Projekt
Platform I Played On: PC
Platform(s) Available On: PC, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 5
No Next Gen Version: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre(s): Action, Adventure
Difficulty I Played On: Hard


Taken from Official Site
Cyberpunk 2077 — from the creators of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.

Why You Should Play: The Short Version

>> Engaging main story and side quests

>> Really cool world to explore especially if you love urban settings

>> Dynamic characters throughout game

>> Ample areas and things to discover

>> If you do optional quests this is a large time-intensive game

>> Short game if you decide to skip loads of additional content

Disclaimer: This is a substantial game and one I have enjoyed playing the past year. I have attempted to maintain this at a reasonable length.

Disclaimer 2: Cyberpunk 2077 has been quite a contentious game since its release. Some people have had nothing but negative critiques and to me it gets just a tad repetitious… I played this game on a PC so I didn’t have the problems console players had from the get-go nor have I had any major performance issues save for a few glitches and bugs. I also have not been following this game since its initial announcement so when the release date was nearing completion I did not have years of amped up hype about the game. So anyone reading this who cannot at least see how there are good qualities about this game and only wish to discuss the bad, this blog post is probably is not for you. I am simply writing  my opinions and observations wholistically about Cyberpunk 2077, both the good and bad.


  • Main story is well-crafted, engaging, and isn’t filled with fluff
  • Side quests are fun and many add depth to story and general world
  • Dynamic and memorable characters
  • There are subtle choices depending on your protagonist’s background and skill allocations
  • Night city is fun to explore
  • Combat can be fun and allows different approaches to situation such as being stealthy or coming in guns a’ blazin’
  • Wide variety of combat skills and assets
  • Allocate skills and stats for character
  • Big Game


  • Wish protagonist was slightly more established character, less blank slate please
  • Story over the course of a longer timeframe
  • More story with protagonist before big event comes into play
  • Wish there were functional mini games, because why not spend hours playing a game within a game?
  • Big Game

Recalled First Impressions

So, a game that was quite polarizing upon release that many people have extremely strong feelings about. 🙃 LET’S GET TO IT, SHALL WE? 🙃

When I started hearing about Cyberpunk 2077 I was very intrigued by it. I remember everyone being probably too hyped for the game thinking this was going to be a revolutionary game and change the gaming landscape forever. I was looking forward to a new game, however, the major things that intrigued me maybe were not what everyone was being their own hype-man for 🤣

To be very honest when I heard there were dialogue choices and a seemingly legitimate RPG tone coupled with the overall graphics I was basically sold. Being a fan of the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, I had been waiting for a new opportunity of an immersive world that we can explore and make (moderate) choices.

After the initial release I was a bit saddened to see such a group of excited people all of a sudden hate the game all the way to its digital guts so to speak. It honestly made me a bit frightened of starting the game, however once the dust settled and it became more apparent that it was more console than PC issues, I finally played the game after the first big patch. I decided I would not let any more media of any kind tamper my opinion of the game and simply played Cyberpunk 2077.

I remember feeling that the opening sequence made me feel excited for what’s to come and what kind of story we’ll get, the quality of side quests, and the overall experience the game will bring. When I first began I did take some breaks here and there, let’s face it, if you play the game in its entirety contains numerous hours required from you and it’s a big time commitment. I remember consistently liking the story and the side quests. The level of storytelling in the game is leagues above other games.

My last first impression was when I started experimenting with the various endings the game offers and I can honestly say some of the endings were very powerful to the point I may have gotten a bit misty eyed 😂 While I feel like a dunderhead for my first choice of ending because I wasn’t actually weighing all the options and it felt just a tad antithetical to the V I cultivated throughout the game… but maybe that is the point?? It also didn’t help that I didn’t change my outfit prior to the last chapter and was wearing a ridiculous hat that really bothered and distracted me. Once I started playing with the endings, many of them got me thinking and I think that’s always a good thing when the story and ending makes one think.

The Story and Overall Execution

Beware there will be minor spoilers below, particularly in this section. Read at your own risk. I have taken care to not mention any huge plot points because Cyberpunk 2077 has quite a few of them, so you need not worry~

Cyberpunk 2077 intrigued me greatly was that the game is set in an urban setting in an alternative future. I love a good city scape game and I feel throughout the past years I have had my fill of nature landscapes and limited city exploration. The other major factor of me wanting to get this game is that it spoke of a good story and dynamic characters. So ultimately my expectations of Cyberpunk 2077 were fulfilled because my two main interests were fulfilled.

The Cyberpunk 2077 universe is based off of the tabletop game. This is an alternative future where the internet developed a little differently than our current worlds. Technology is far more advanced in terms of cybernetic implants and that technology can be traversed via high grade tech (think VR but real?). The world is dominated by corporations who control much of the wealth, economy, and society. There are still countries and governments but the corporations have an extremely high influence. As one can imagine the corporations are one of the many bad guys in Cyberpunk 2077.

The main story is about the overall struggles of V, a mercenary climbing his/her way up the ladder, and his newfound companion(??) Johnny Silverhand. The major storyline is to undo some fairly severe technical and mental mishaps that occur in the beginning of the story involving a piece of technology called the relic. I thought the story was really interesting and each moment of the main story had meaning and there was minimal fluff that made the main story feel boring or unnecessarily long. In the main story, as V, you meet various people who are loosely connected to your problem to the point where the final moments of the main story feel balanced and all have a reason for being mentioned throughout the story.

I really like the beginning sequences because it helped establish V’s lifestyle and the players introduction to Night City. There are three core backstories in the form of a life path: corpo, street kid, and nomad. Each life path has a unique opening sequence that converges to the main story. I played as a corpo in my first play through and during the opening sequences I knew I was hooked and I knew then adventure was afoot!

I wish we had a few more quests like the opening ones before the whole relic plot came into play. Essentially a half a year passes in the beginning and we see this through a cut scene sequence, while I liked the cut scene I think an effective way of would be to add a few more missions that showed us more of V’s overall adjustment to life and the friends and contacts made along the way. I think it would have been nice to gain (or loose) earlier connections and relationships before the relic plot. I think having more content without our friend Johnny Silverhand and some missions involving V’s interaction with others would have been a nice addition to establish V as a character just a smidgen more.

Each main mission had a purpose or reason that connected to the Relic but also enabled the player to fully access and experience different areas, groups of people, and overall lore of the game. One of my favorite sequences, titled Play It Safe, involves going to a parade in which you need to infiltrate to get in contact with someone who might be of help to V and the relic. I enjoy stealth type missions and always actively try to play this one in that fashion. The opening sequence of the parade is really neat and the game actually changes that scenery of places you could have explored beforehand being crowded and filled with festival goers.

The final mission essentially at its core essentially has four different ultimate outcomes. Some may argue that there are more end results but ultimately there are variances within the four outcomes that are dependent on your actions earlier in the game. All of the ends are interesting in their own right and present interesting viewpoints. Some of the endings got me a bit misty eyed. Very few games hit me at an emotional level and this one cracked my little concrete heart 😂

I think the endings emphasize just how powerful Cyberpunk 2077’s story is executed in that in the end you really become invested and attached to your V and other characters. In the credits you get to see all the people whose lives you entered and get a bit of perspective of what happens in the future. I think this was a really cool addition because I liked seeing not everybody agreeing with V’s decisions or simply how V effected the course of everyone’s lives.

Is the main story too short? This was a big discussion topic for a while. I would have to say while I would have liked maybe just a smidgen more of story in some areas I don’t think this was obscenely short. I think each main mission has its purpose and furthers the story without adding unnecessary bloat or being a time sucker.

Ideally, I would have preferred maybe the timeline of the story to have a longer timeframe than over the course of two weeks? A month? I guess I would have liked to see V suffer longer and see more strange effects of the relic 😂 😂 Not only would this have made sense in my head but also would make the various side quests also not feel crammed into such a short timeframe.

The dialogue sequences are fully integrated into the game in an almost seemingly natural flow of conversation. If I recall correctly the developers didn’t want the conversations to feel unnatural by always having a dialogue option of “I should go” or “goodbye” but I think some would be nice to have instead of simply walking away from someone. Overall, I was impressed by this dialogue execution particularly during side quests or the main story because it did mirror a lot of natural conversation vibes and never felt static or stiff. Most dialogue choices don’t have a timed element but there are instances where the plot requires a quick decision with added to the depth of the dialogue system. On a side note, I did get a kick out of some of the characters’ comments if you weren’t responding fast enough. The judgement from some people 🤣

After Patch 1.5

Just when I thought this blog post was ready to go the large update 1.5 dropped. There is enough in this update that has changed some of my experiences with the game from when I first played it. So I decided to casually play the game and see what the new additions and fixes were. Some of the things I noticed may have been in earlier patches. Honestly I am no detective and don’t have the time to sift and comb through every little thing that has been changed. So some things I’ve observed may have been fixed in an earlier patch and I never experienced it.

I will fully admit after this patch dropped I did not want to play through the entirety of the story again. I have restarted the beginning SO many times that I decided to dabble in some of my already preexisting characters.

I can honestly say on the PC version there’s a few minor quality of life enhancements and changes. Patch 1.5 didn’t bring anything earth shattering but I have seen some changes. One of the major changes I noticed was that in the mission where we are first introduced to a raw brain dance we have the option to skip the tutorial. I really like that we were given this option because let’s face it replaying the same tutorial again and again is tedious.

The Side Stories and Side Quests

Asset for Game // Mini Stories // Variety

I think the side quests are some of the strongest pieces of story in Cyberpunk 2077. There are some side quests that are essentially mini story lines and have multiple parts you can partake in. I would even argue that if one doesn’t partake in at least some of the more story heavy side quests it is a significant drop in the overall experience of Cyberpunk 2077.

I would say there are about 10 side quests that really add to the overall world building, establishing V’s character and motivations, or simply a providing a compelling story. As an additional component, there are four potential romantic options in game they all have their respective side quests that either trail off of the main quest or another side quest.

I enjoyed many of the story driven side quests. There were a few that touched heavy subject matters and showcased of messed-up and chaotic the Cyberpunk 2077 universe is. Some of the side quests could be the foundation for a separate game because the story is so intricate and well told.

Apart from the story driven side quests, there are numerous ones that are the equivalent of a fetch quest. However, in this game they don’t feel as generic as in other games. Usually you get a call from a fixer and are sent to physically pick up an object, upload malware, download files, or sabotaging something. The backdrop for all these traditional fetch quests adds a bit of variety.

There are the occasional rescue missions as well where you are contracted to rescue an individual who has been kidnapped or held hostage. These ones are interesting because many of them took me to locations I never went to prior to the mini mission. Also, who doesn’t want a few rescue missions?

If you like fighting things there are two more fighting oriented side quests: cyberpsycho sightings and actual fighting matches. Cyberpsychos are individuals who have too much electronic components put into to their body and simply go insane, obviously it’s our job as V to take them down (lethally or non-lethally). The fighting quests are located throughout the map of night city. They are a basic fighting scenario where you work your way up the fighting ladder.

An optional line of side quests deals with V helping out a taxi company. There are random locations where a car has gone a bit wonky and you either have to simply chase the car down or physically drive it back to the headquarters. This can be a bit boring or tedious for some but the ending of these series of mini quests is quite interesting.

Lastly, we have the somewhat random situational quests that don’t have an in-depth story and occurred seemingly out of the blue, no fixer, just stumbling on a random event. The most noticeable one is probably the flaming crotch man quest where you have to drive a man to a ripperdoc due to some technological malfunctions in his nether regions. Super random but also quite funny.

As big games go, I can safely say that I enjoyed a healthy portion of the side quests in Cyberpunk 2077. Most didn’t feel like fluff to stretch out the game even the smaller fetch-like quests didn’t feel like a chore (which is rare!). I really liked that the developers took the time and resources to make some side quests have a well-crafted story line to the point that the quests had follow-up quests. The side quests as a whole are a standout portion of Cyberpunk 2077.


Many Characters // Memorable // No Villain Supreme

There are many characters V comes into contact with throughout the game. Some are present throughout the game while others are more quest oriented. I think as a whole the characterizations of all the characters were very well executed. The level of realism, dialogue, and general interaction with characters is a different level than most games out there. Side characters intrigued me, not just the ones the predominant ones. Each character appeared to have his/her own life and purpose within the confines of the game.

In my opinion there is not one absolute figurehead for the villain in Cyberpunk 2077. There are some clear front runners of characters with dubious moral intent but the core problem/villain in Cyberpunk 2077 is the age-old question of “can science and technology overstep its boundaries”. The relic at its core poses great questions but there are people and corporations behind it which make everyone involved an extension of the problem posed in the story. Basically, anybody who has connections to the relic V should be worried about.

To keep this long review on the shorter side I’ll only mention a few of the predominant characters that appear in a few main quests that contribute heavily to the main story and interact frequently with V.

Jackie Welles

Jackie is the first character we meet in the game that has a personal (or soon to be) connection to V. He is an ex-Valentino gang member and is one who introduces V to the world of mercenaries. He is a happy dude with strong morals. In some cases he’s the soft comedic presence in the earlier sequences of the game. As my usual argument with Cyberpunk 2077, I wish we could have gotten a few more missions with him before the relic arc instead of our whole friendship being established via a cutscene. As a whole though, I’m glad V has one established friend before the bulk of the main story occurs.

Johnny Silverhand

Our companion Johnny Silverhand is essentially with us and is one of the major characters throughout the bulk of the main story. He’s there to essentially question V’s choices or simply give him the middle finger 😂 Johnny is an ex-rocker boy with a rebellious nature and to oversimplify things, essentially wants to wreak havoc on the corporations, particularly Arasaka, in the game.

Goro Takemura

Takemura is the only true corporation characters we get to work with in a few main missions. He’s a higher-up body guard in the Arasaka corporation who does everything for the corporation and the people involved. He offers a great juxtaposition to many of the other characters we get to meet in-game. He’s a character that you know that if you do one false move Takemura would easily transform from your friend to foe. Other than Johnny Silverhand, he’s the character that drives many of the main mission quests and is present in some of my favorite mission sequences such as the afore mentioned parade.

Judy Alveraz

Judy is a character where everyone seemed to fall in love with her the moment the trailers were released. She’s a braindance expert (think VR videos) who is present in some of the main events in the game prior and post-relic. She’s clearly been a part of the brain dance scene for a while and the general sex industry that’s highly prevalent in the game. After her portions in the main story she has some side missions. If you have the right criteria and choices, is one of the four potential love interests of the game. Through Judy we get to see how while the society of Cyberpunk 2077 is highly sexualized and pleasure driven there are still age old problems of physical and mental strain for those trapped in that cycle.

Panam Palmer

Panam is a favorite of many people, myself included. She’s from the nomad clan the Aldecaldos and grapples with the freedom and limitations a nomadic lifestyle provides. She has spunk and is not afraid to speak her mind. This personality trait may rub some people the wrong way but I think most like her for those characteristics. The portions of the main story that involve her have to do with the desert regions of the map and help you get one step closer in the whole story of the relic. Like Judy, she has side quests after the portions of the main story are done involving issues within the Aldecaldo clan. She is also a potential romantic interest if you have the right criteria and choices in the game.

Our Protagonist: V

Open Slate // More Backstory Please // Corpo is my Favorite

Our main protagonist V is pretty much an open slate in terms of background story. As stated before, we do have the initial choice of the three backgrounds: corpo, street kid, and nomad. These three choices do provide a brief introduction specific to one’s choice and throughout the game there are added dialogue options specific to V’s background. Personally, I found the corpo and nomad to have more impactful background specific dialogue choices. Other than these choices V is dictated by the players in game choices or overall imagination.

As usual for role playing games, I am caught between a rock in a hard place knowing some people like ambiguity in a role-playing character while others like a more solidified character background story. I guess in the case of Cyberpunk 2077 I would have liked a more solidified character given the overall story progression. The story we experience with V is specific and purpose driven but in the end it doesn’t feel like there are many things at stake on a personal level for V.

I know there are some obvious and bleak outcomes but I would’ve liked it if we had more of a backstory focused on establishing our V without the presence of Johnny Silverhand and the relic and having one character be the bridge between the old V and the relic induced V. What can I say my love for linear story telling probably influences my thoughts heavily on this section.

V can either be male or female so ultimately it depends on one’s role playing preferences or whichever voice acting one prefers. I my case I have three core characters, one from each life path, but is likely soon to change as I continue to replay the game. My ultimate canon is a male corpo, this V made the most sense to me so I consistently gravitate towards the male corpo.

I think the male voice acting fits the role of a corpo background best. My other two characters are a female nomad and a female street kid. I think the female voice acting fits the street kid scenario the best so most of my street kids have been female. I think nomad is the only one where I could be persuaded to be either male or female V.

If I were granted one wish, it would be to have a bit longer of a backstory for each background/life path. Here’s a few examples. For the street kid path, I really want to know what happened in Atlanta (unless this was mentioned in a codex somewhere?) and would have liked to at least play some of that sequence. In the corpo route there’s a whole subplot that seems like the job is getting to you and V is having some problems with potential substance abuse, would have liked to see how we got to that point. In the nomad route it would have been nice to experience V’s initial departure from the Bakkers and adjusting to that sense of loss.

I think for a game that excels at story telling these were left out to dry and never touched upon again and I think these all could have been executed really well and added a lot of background to V as a character. Not to say I don’t have imagination but it still would have been fun to experience this in the game itself 😃 If the backstories were fleshed out in a DLC I would be fully onboard for that content!


Keyboard = Better // Some Minor Glitches // Customizable Weaponry & Character Stats

Options: Keyboard & Controller

I have to say that this game, for me, was much more enjoyable via a keyboard. I briefly tried a controller just to see how it felt and after about 5 mins I reverted back to my trusty keyboard. I liked the flexibility the keyboard provided in terms of the potential skills and weaponry V could access in the game. This game has a lot of game mechanics going on and I think the keyboard gives those mechanics more freedom and easier access.

Glitches, another contentious topic in Cyberpunk 2077 is the overall gameplay and how many glitches people encountered. Honestly, I really didn’t experience any major game breaking moments. I have only encountered one side quest that wouldn’t let me progress the one involving a news story and a reporter? (luckily it wasn’t any major side quest) and it is in the latter half of the game. Honestly I haven’t bothered to check if I still have this issue, maybe its fixed by now.

Upon replays I have encountered glitches that I didn’t have in my first run-throughs but glitches I previously had are not present. Therefore, from my experience there is no evidence of consistent poor gameplay. I have encountered some really hilarious glitches like cars exploding crazily and falling from the sky. Honestly that car falling randomly from the sky has been my favorite and deep within my heart I wanted that one to stay 🤣

That being said most of the glitches I have encountered in my various playthroughs might be patched in a future update/patch so take this section with a grain of salt. I think people are just going to be hyper critical about the glitches and gameplay because of the poor launch particularly for console players.

I like the game play and the various skills and weapons V can utilize. There is a fairly wide breadth of weapon choices. From the firearms section we have a range from smaller pistols to larger ones such as rifles. Amongst these choices I definitely have an affinity towards pistols, sniper rifles, and then alternating between various shotguns and rifles. For mele weapon options we also have a range from blunt objects to katanas. Many weapons have a varying degree of customization where you can add scopes and silencers and use modifications to boost the weapons stats. In total you have three slots for whichever weapon you want convenient but you can easily switch out your current weapons for new ones.

There are various cyberwares in the game that are categorized and used on different areas of the body. Cyberwares are either passive or active and can boost stats, weapon usage, or new enhance skills in battle. I don’t typically add on many cyberwares to my characters. I usually stick to the basics because I like the challenge and typically like to retain the human aspect of my characters opposed to creating a near cyborg 😂 With my self-inflicted limitations on the cyberwears I typically go for the ocular system, frontal cortex, hands, and occasionally arms.

Now onto Quickhacks, one of my favorite stealth tools in the game! These are essentially a feature of one of your cyberwares, a Cyberdeck, where you can choose a varying degree of quickhacks that you can use to target lethal or non-lethal status buffs to targets. I use these quite frequently particularly in stealth missions or just to confuse enemies for fun. Some are simple status buffs while others are just as strong and accurate as a weapon. Quickhacks are a really useful and convenient tool and it almost feels weird to me going to a game that does not have them.

Alongside the weaponry, quickhacks, and cyberwears there is an attribute and skills system in which one can further customize one’s V. The choices are varied when upgrading your V. I typically enhance many technical and hacking skills. However, if you are a more aggressive player you can certainly focus on more strength and fighting related skills and attributes.

There is one interface issue that I wish would be altered and that is the save file situation. Since you do not name your character your save file is indicated via the life path you chose. This can get quite cumbersome especially when you have multiple characters. I wish we could at least have profiles in the load/save menu so I wouldn’t need to have a word document indicating which character was last saved.

After Patch 1.5

THEY CHANGED THE FAST TRAVEL MAP AND NORMAL MAP! I miss the formatting of the old map. The fast travel map no longer shows any key points of interest, only the stations. In the normal map you now have some new additional icons. It surprises me they don’t have a default map with all the icons that were presented previously. I now have to use the custom map and essentially tick all the icons to get everything to show. I have adapted to the new map but it still was a bit off-putting at first.

They also changed some of the attributes and skills labels and stats. So if you had a save file before the update all of your customization reset and you had to once again reallocate all your attribute and skill points. That was super fun 😂

Graphics, Artistic/Aesthetic Style, & Ambience

LOVE aesthetics // Stellar Ambience // District Identities

I LOVE the aesthetics in Cyberpunk 2077! It’s a gritty city to explore with many neighborhoods each with different fashion sensibilities and architecture. I also liked the juxtaposition between the inner city to the adjacent desert! The vibrant colors, neon lights, and ambient city noises… ah, I just love the myriad of visual stimuli in this game!

I am a huge fan of urban settings in games and think that the overall aesthetics and ambience of Night City is really amazing. Cyberpunk 2077 fulfilled my need of a quality urban experience and it really did not disappoint! The combination of bright neon lights, ranging quantities of grunge and grit, variety of advertising (TVs, billboards, posters, radio), various cultural influences, and an overall juxtaposition of rich versus poorer neighborhoods. As a side note, I loved the random loudspeaker announcements you could hear throughout parts of the city. It just added that extra touch of ambience and I it still stands out to me when I replay the game. This city feels like it is a megalopolis with various peoples and cultural influences all merging into one.

There are various districts of night city each with their own flare. While there are overarching aesthetics and clutter the change in interior and exterior aesthetics is noticeable. An area that was unexpected for me personally was the subdistrict Rancho Coronado. I was not expecting to have an area resemble the 1950s suburbia aesthetic and was shocked to see a neighborhood with somewhat normal looking houses. It was neat to explore. This game just showcases how they managed to execute a huge city complete with district identities.

As for the nature portion I didn’t mind the stark contrasts between it and the city. I think there are quite a few hidden gems out in the desert aesthetics wise from the areas that have various facilities to abandoned areas. While I typically prefer running around Night City the desert areas never felt boring or a chore to drive through. In fact, one evening I decided to take a random drive through the desert just to see all the things I never really paid attention to during my first playthroughs.

There is quite a wide range of music usage throughout the game. The background music that appears throughout various missions has a hard edge with its core being electronic or heavy synthesizer usage. There are hints of rock but with a technologically driven society it makes sense that the bulk would be electronic and not an orchestral selection. The licensed music is a bit more varied and can be heard on your car radio or the random radios scattered around. These range from a few pop, Latin, electronic, various rock styles, or the one random jazz station. I actually like some of the songs from the radio and would listen to them outside of the game. I hope in the future we will possibly get a few more radio stations just because it’s a fun detail and adds to the overall ambience.

I do have a few desires that would make my experience just a little more encompassing. One: I wish the arcades were actually functional because I would definitely spend a few in-game hours on a random arcade game Reason being because why wouldn’t I? 😂 Two: I wish there were just a few more random stores or at least store fronts we could see. Or at least facades that appeared to be a certain type of store other than a club or sex toy shop 😶 Three: Definitely would have liked to see how the public transportation system would have looked even if we would at least see a train coming into a station, getting on, and then the fast travel option.

Would I Still Recommend?

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of my definitive gaming experiences of 2021. Just the premise alone of a huge expansive city to explore with actual people milling around and the city ambience is a winner for me. I have continued to explore and play Cyberpunk 2077 and have experimented with the different life paths. In my multiple playthroughs there have been little details or even some small stories that I had no clue existed or there was a possibility of a different outcome. I really look forward to what the developers will continue to add (and polish) as time goes on.

For the main story I’d say overall is really well executed and doesn’t contain any unnecessary or fluff missions. Each main quest has a clear purpose to move the story along. It is on the shorter side. I would have like maybe one or two additional story sequences to add a bit more depth. However, with the addition of story driven side quests have such a strong story component to them that I feel like there is an equal amount of compensation for the short nature of the main plot.

I think the variance of endings is rather wide and can really change how you perceive both V and Johnny Silverhand. Upon completion of the story every time it gets me thinking not only about the game itself but big real world philosophical questions 🙃 Some of the endings still get me misty-eyed at the end… The endings were really what hit the homerun for me in terms of making the entirety of Cyberpunk 2077’s story from the beginning to the end is quite impactful and a great re-playable experience.  

My one criticism and major wish is that we actually get to play out a sequence of V’s backstory and get to establish our V’s character before some of the main plot begins. I do like playing as V but I wish we got a smidgen more of personality or opportunity to solidify our general responses to “casual situations” that have nothing to do with the relic.

The gameplay is quite fun boasting a wide range of tools and customization. Whenever I jump back on to one of my save files I always realize how fun the gameplay of cyberpunk 2077 can be. I like the variety of weapons and that you need not be the guns a blazing type of player but can choose to be more on the stealthy side. Overall I’m glad that a choice driven game also gives you options in how you execute missions and that there are sometimes rewards for doing something tactfully instead of mindlessly shooting.

The characters we meet throughout the story are highly memorable. The dialogue options throughout the game set it apart from other choice driven narratives. The dialogue flow is very natural and it sometimes feels as if you are a part of real conversations with people. Overall I have no complaints about the characterizations of all the characters. Their personalities and reactions are very human which add to the immersive qualities of the game.

I wouldn’t recommend this game if you don’t like first person-shooters or don’t have a large time commitment. I don’t mind looking through a first-person lens but some people might find it off putting or even get motion sickness. If you are one of those people I would say you probably may want to reconsider playing. The game is quite substantial in terms of all the things you can do while playing. While the main story quest is on the shorter side there are more than a few side quests that really enhance the overall experience, I would even dare say, you’d simply be missing out if you don’t play them. So if you don’t have patience or a large time commitment you might want to reconsider before diving into Cyberpunk 2077.

I would recommend if you want a story heavy game, neat main missions and side quests, or simply want to have a lively urban setting. The story is by far the biggest asset for this game and I enjoyed every single mission whilst playing. I think out of urban or city based games this game is a frontrunner in terms of visuals and a city that sounds and feels alive. If you have been thinking about trying out Cyberpunk 2077, especially after the release of patch 1.5 effecting consoles so positively, I’d say grab a copy and try it out! I think many people will and still love this game just because at its core its fun and contains an enjoyable story.

Want a game similar in theme to Cyberpunk 2077?

Want a game with an allusion of a living breathing city?

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