Planet Zoo DLCs Casual Review & General Thoughts

This post will be updated when new DLCs are added to the game and if I decide to purchase said content.

Most Recently Reviewed Pack: Conservation Pack

This is a casual review. It will not contain every single detail about all of the DLCs. Mainly my overall impressions, my opinions, and what I would have liked to see in the DLC.

General Info

Base Game Release Date: Nov 5, 2019
Rating: E 10+
Developer: Frontier Developments
Publisher: Frontier Developments
Platform I Played On: PC
Platform(s) Available On: PC
Genre(s): Sandbox, Management

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A Bit of Background

I grew up playing Zoo Tycoon, the one that had the aquatic and dinosaur expansions. This alongside Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 were staple games that I played for many years. I liked those games then and still like these kinds of games now. It has been really nice to see a resurgence of sandbox/builder games and I have been loving it. I think the ability to just sit back and create something from scratch is quite fun and having an upgraded equivalent of Zoo Tycoon has been a blast from the past but with much needed modern upgrades. I typically just do sandbox mode in Planet Zoo. I probably won’t go into much detail about the scenarios offered but rather the overall game mechanics and animal offerings that are being continuously added to the game.

The DLCs/Packs

This section will be updated as more DLCs are released. Honestly, I am almost always excited for the opportunity for new animals and décor 😍 I will probably not focus too much on the new scenarios that come with the various packs because I don’t utilize them all that often. It will be interesting to see what new themes the developers will bring to us, I cannot wait!~

I know some people have misgivings around the price point and the amount of content we get with each DLC but to be honest I feel the pricing has been quite fair for the most part. When I calculate the amount of hours I have played Planet Zoo and for each zoo that utilized an animal or décor item from a particular pack I have definitely gotten my money’s worth from all of the DLCs released thus far. If you are a casual player and don’t put a lot of hours into the game I would say that you may want to refrain from purchasing the packs.

I have put my personal ranking for each DLC out of 5. Any number above a 3 means I have enjoyed the pack and utilize the animals and décor from it. A rank of 5 means I love nearly everything about the pack from the concept/theme to the actual animals. A rank of 4 means it’s almost there but there was something that I felt was missing or I don’t utilize either the animals or décor as much as I do other packs. A rank of 3 means I like the pack and utilize the animals but there’s something that is underutilized or there wasn’t as varied animal choice. Thus far there hasn’t been a need to give a rank of 1 or 2.

Conservation Pack: June 21, 2022

This was a pack I wasn’t expecting anytime soon but it’s nice to have a returning favorite of mine from Zoo Tycoon, the Prewalski’s Horse! This was an exciting announcement and as the trailers released, I was intrigued by the build items as well. While thematically this may not have been high on my personal wish list, but I think the overall execution in this pack coupled with the new updates is quite stellar. In some real-life zoos I have visited there is a considerable amount of focus on conservation and education about animals their native habitats. I think this is incredibly appropriate for a zoo game, especially in the context of modern zoos.

The Habitat Animals: Amur Leopard, Prewalski’s Horse, Scimitar-Horned Oryx, Siamang

The Exhibit Animals: Axolotl

My Favorite Animal: Prewalski’s Horse

The Prewalski’s Horse is a standout of the animal selection for this pack. I was shocked at how big these horses were because in zoo tycoon I recall them looking similar in stature to zebras. I love how this horse has a species enrichment bonus with the Bactrian camel. Finally, the Bactrian camel doesn’t need to feel like an odd-man-out thematically in zoos! The animations for the horse are something relatively new since we don’t have bigger horse-like animals in our zoos. Overall, I am really pleased with the Prewalski’s Horse and it may become a new staple animal in my northern climate zoos.

Another addition is the Scimitar-Horned Oryx. I have to say that this fine ungulate does look eerily similar to the gemsbok we have in the game. Despite the similarities in looks and behavior I do appreciate that the Scimitar-Horned Oryx contributes to multiple species in the African grasslands enrichment benefits. It makes for more animal combinations that benefit from one another which is always a good thing in my book. It’s also a great conservation themed animal because it is officially declared extinct in the wild with programs dedicated to reintroducing it into its natural habitat.

Cats are average in Planet Zoo because in part that they are all similar in behaviorisms. The only thing that distinguishes the large cats are their looks. While the amur leopard is another big cat I appreciate the region it represents and can contribute to a colder climate zoo or a mountainous theme. I am not a fan of monkeys so the siamang was not really something I was looking forward to nor do I see myself utilizing these species too often in my zoos. When I saw comments on the trailers many people were excited for this animal so I’m glad there’s something new for the monkey lovers out there. Lastly, we have the axolotl, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the addition of this fine exhibit creature! I really like having more water-oriented exhibit animals, so these little guys are a superb addition to the exhibit animals in the game.

What Animal Would I Want Added to this Pack?

Saiga antelope

When I was doing research on critically endangered mammals I came across the Saiga antelope. This are an antelope location in parts of central Asia. When I saw the picture of their unusual snouts I knew this would’ve been a fantastic addition to Planet Zoo. I think since many of the animals were already from central Asia this animal could’ve complemented the foliage given to us in this pack. I would recommend looking up pictures of these fine creatures because they are highly unusual looking!

New Enrichments and Features

To my knowledge there are no new enrichments or features exclusive to this pack. In the 1.10 update we got some new metal climbing railings that are clearly meant to pair with the new siamangs. Other than that update complimenting this pack there is nothing notable.

The Décor

When I am lazy, I love to use the prefabricated buildings available in the game. The conservation packs buildings are so cute with the mini gardens and ecofriendly accoutrements. For my building needs I am not a hyperdetailed builder in planet zoo. In this pack there are numerous small items for the people that want to have those detail-oriented locations. I wish there were a few more foliage options opposed to these smaller objects because I simply love to landscape the habitats instead of more staff or guest-oriented areas. Overall, I think the décor items match the pack well but I think this pack is a grower for my personal use in my zoos.

Wetlands Animal Pack: April 12, 2022

One word, CAPYBARA! The moment I saw the image of a Capybara as the representative for this pack I was immediately excited. When I read the rest of the animal offerings I was even more excited. The fact that this pack coincided with general water updates to make faux hot springs made me count down the days for this packs release. I have enjoyed the new animals and enrichment items this pack has offered, this is hands-down my personal favorite of the animal packs thus far.

The Habitat Animals: Asian Small-Clawed Otter, Capybara, Platypus, Nile Lechwe, Red-Crested Crane, Spectacled Caiman, Wild Water Buffalo

The Exhibit Animals: Danube Crested Newt

My Favorite Animal: Capybara

This is a strong contender when comparing the packs for the widest range of animals we get to have in our zoo. I was excited by four animals: the capybara, otter, platypus, and crane. All of these were to some degree on my personal wish list of new species to be introduced. The Capybara is my ultimate favorite because it has been a blast to have such an iconic creature in my zoos. I have seen these in real life zoos or animal sanctuaries just chilling in their hot spring settings. To be able to recreate that in Planet Zoo is really fun. I also like that they are similar to llamas in that they are fearless with humans. It’s nice to have another species that isn’t a reptile that is super chill with hordes of people staring them down 😂

I have stated before that I was wondering why they didn’t include a platypus in the Australia pack, thankfully it has arrived! Being another unusual creature for many people around the globe having this duck-billed mammal on board brings much needed variety in our animal selection. The otters I have always seen in zoos, aquariums, or wildlife sanctuaries have always been the smaller variety of otter, I have never seen bigger ones such as the giant otters that are from the South American pack. So, it is really nice to have another smaller animal, and being a cute otter is just icing on the cake! My other anticipated animal was the Crane. I loved our feathered friends and was excited to have another bird being introduced. These birds win for the most elegant and beautiful birds of the game.

The other animals in the pack are also no snooze fest. The Wild Water Buffalo is our new bovine friend from Asia. It is really nice to have more river-oriented animals from Asia instead of the mountain or jungle-oriented ones we have had thus far. The Nile Lechwe was a pleasant surprise. I appreciate having a new animal that I can place alongside warthogs and the other African animals. It is a bit smaller that some of the other ungular African animals we have which has been nice to add to habitats that don’t have other giant animals.

The spectacled caiman is another reptile, honestly most reptiles are fairly similar in nature, so I wasn’t as excited for this one, but in the end, it is nice to have a different variety of reptile from South America. Lastly our new exhibit animal the newt, I was excited to have another aquatic natured animal for our exhibits. I love being able to have an exhibit gallery with newts, salamanders, bull frogs, and terrapins. It makes for a highly thematic exhibit space.

What Animal Would I Want Added to this Pack?

Trumpeter Swan

We simply need more birds in this series. This pack focused primarily on the wetlands in Asia and South America and I think it would have been great to have something from North America. Trumpeter Swans are the biggest waterfowl in North America and would have been a bird different from the other birds in the game. Imagine them all swimming in a nice open pond. Since these species have been successfully reintroduced and continue to be reintroduced to their historic habitats in the wild it would have allowed for a new conservation plaque or scenario.

New Enrichments and Features

This game comes with a few new enrichment items. My favorite has to be the submarine buoy. Its default colors are yellow, which I’m hoping is a nod to the Beatles’ song. This can be used with some of our existing animals. I have really enjoyed having this new enrichment item in my sea lion and seal habitats. Its fun to have a new toy that is in the water.

It has been really amusing to watch the capybaras just relax and enjoy their new hot water tap. It does have a bamboo spout at the end so it can add to the overall aesthetics of your habitat. There are two other enrichment items that are simply subtle changes from their in-game counterparts. These are the new natural water jet which essentially is a stone covering of the other water jet and the flat underwater feeder which is simply a flat rectangle instead of a square. While I would have wanted a few more toys and enrichment items opposed to reskins the water tap and the water buoy are the stand out enrichment items that I think are extremely worth getting the pack for.

Europe Pack: Dec 14, 2021

Throughout my Planet Zoo experience I have always thought there was a blatant lack of European animals. I get that there are not as many “big ticket animals” in Europe but still it would be nice to have a few. This was noticeable when I tried to make regional sections in my zoos, let’s just say Europe was always lacking. So, I was really excited for when this pack came out to fulfill my decorative as well as European animal needs.

The Habitat Animals: Alpine Ibex, Eurasian Lynx, European Badger, and European Fallow Deer

The Exhibit Animals: Fire Salamander.

My favorite Animal: European Fallow Deer

Overall, I am pleased with the animal selection. It is very hard for me to pick my favorite animal from this pack because all of them just add the woodland or mountainous element to my zoos and I’m loving it! The reason I picked the European Fallow Deer as my favorite animal is because I like the simplicity of them. This charming woodland creature is a great addition for many reasons: 1) we don’t have many northern hemisphere hooved animals. 2) We now have deer!! Overall, I was really excited to have deer in the game, enough said 😃

I was intrigued by the European Badger because I was not even remotely expecting this fine creature to be an option for our zoos. I like that we get another small burrowing animal other than the aardvark. I also think these are a great addition to any woodland theme. I am also really happy to see another zoo tycoon animal, ibexes, make a debut in Planet Zoo. While I have not done many mountainous zoos of late there are a welcome addition and bring in more mountainous animals!

The Eurasian Lynx have pretty typical behavior from all of our feline friends in Planet Zoo, however, due to their size (smaller) they appear to be a bit more unique in comparison to all the leopards and tigers. Our exhibit animal is the Fire Salamander. All I have to say at LONG LAST we have a salamander! It’s about high time we have them in our zoos!

What Animal Would I Want Added to this Pack?

Wild Boar (Eurasian wild pig)

I think a nice edition would have been the wild boar (Eurasian wild pig). We have warthogs and babirusas in Planet Zoo… and that’s about it in terms of hogs. I would’ve been nice to see just one more hog. I think a wild boar would have been a nice addition as a temperate forest dweller. Wild boars would have been an interesting addition to see if they would have been a more aggressive hog or more passive like the babirusas and warthogs appear to be.

New Enrichments and Features

There are three new enrichment items that come with this pack, which is really quite stellar. The scarecrow feeder is designed for our hooved friends. I also think this is one of the cuter enrichment items so its practical yet visually appealing, win-win! There is a new rubbing pad for our lynx’s which gives more variety of rubbing pads which is always nice. The last new item, Goat Climbing Mountain, caters to our ibex friends so they can have some mountain climbing enrichment.

A new feature which came with this pack is the burrow camera. The burrows are a really neat addition to the shelter option and the ability to link them to TV monitors. Tbh, at the time I am writing this I think there is a glitch or something because my tv monitors for the burrows turn into simple black screens way too frequently. So hopefully this is a glitch and not me being stupid 🤣

The Décor

The decorations from this pack are really versatile and I love the prefabricated restaurant offerings this pack brings! The pieces that I love most are the stained-glass windows of the pack’s animals because they are unique and bring a nice pop of color to your builds. I love the wall options from this pack because it gives us another stone option that can be paired with much of the pre-existing décor options in the game. Overall, a really nice assortment of items that can either be exclusively European in theme or utilized with other themes.

North America Animal Pack: Oct 4, 2021

This pack I was really excited for because I was getting a bit tired of having only Bison, Pronghorn Antelopes, Wolves, and grizzly bears be my thematic representation of North America. Being an animal pack, I was a bit sad we weren’t getting any new decorative items save for a few animals related décor. I do think many of the base game items can lend itself fairly easily to a North American, especially the forest/woodlands.

The Habitat Animals: American alligator, arctic fox, black-tailed prairie dog, California sea lion, cougar, moose, and North American beaver

The Exhibit Animals: American bullfrog.

My Favorite Animal: Black-tailed prairie dog

I was particularly excited for moose, sea lions, and prairie dogs. It is really hard to pick a favorite animal from this pack so I went with the one I have utilized (and most likely will continue to utilize) the most which is the black-tailed prairie dog. These little guys are a really good addition to most zoos. They are small enough so you could easily make an indoor habitat for the colder areas or use as a transitional habitat in between bigger animals’ habitats.

My other top contenders for my favorites were the moose and California sea lion. It was nice to have a larger forest creature such as the moose as it makes for good variety and a great addition to northern climate zoos. The California sea lion is a welcome addition because I always want more aquatic creatures. I love how fast the sea lion moves in comparison to the grey seal so it’s nice to have another large aquatic animal.

Cougars, while very similar in behavior patterns of most large cats are a newfound feline staple in my moderate to northern climates because of the cougars temperature versatility. The beaver is another great addition for a forest setting but also semi aquatic which is a good combination and can allow for a lot of creativity when making their habitat. The American alligator I have a soft spot for because they are so unique to a particular area of the USA and they have a certain aura around them that I cannot quite describe, perhaps it’s the judgmental eyes 😂

The arctic fox has been my least utilized so far because my current zoo projects have been in the grassland climates and these poor creatures would melt in those temperatures 😱 That being said these guys are another fox addition, so yay! However, with the name arctic fox it does make me question just a tad why arctic foxes weren’t considered or at least added into the arctic pack… just saying… Our final animal of this pack is the American bullfrog. I like that we got an amphibian from north America and that the scenery is different from most of the other exhibits. I also love seeing the frogs on the lily pads or how they float in the water.

What Animal Would I Want Added to this Pack?

Manatee or North American River Otter

If I were granted the ability to add one more animal to the North America Pack, I would have added a manatee. This would have paired really nicely with the alligators in that they are both located in the southeastern area of the US. Unfortunately, I don’t know if this would have been possible because manatees don’t go on land, and we have yet to have animals exclusive water habitats.

With these potential limitations that goes into my second choice of the river otter. The river otters are much smaller than the giant otters we have, curtesy of the Aquatic Pack, and would be an opportunity for more variety within our aquatic animal offerings or simply another kind of otter.

I think either of these animals would have been a really appropriate addition for this North America animal pack and hopefully once we get an equivalent to the marine mania expansion in Zoo Tycoon had I will patiently wait and appreciate all the wonderful animals we have thus far.

Africa Pack: Jun 22, 2021

So, this theme for me is a bit confusing thematically. We get more Moroccan themed décor items but then African animals that span the entire continent of Africa. I am pretty sure Rhinos do not roam northern Africa. And my biggest question of this pack, why on earth would you give me dromedary camel (one hump) decoration and not give me the animal to match it?! That aside this pack does give some really nice options animal and décor wise.

The Habitat Animals: African penguin, fennec fox, meerkat, and southern white rhino

The Exhibit Animals: sacred scarab beetle.

My Favorite Animal: fennec fox

I was like many fans and very excited to finally get a fox in the game. The fennec fox in particular is a stellar addition because it’s a desert fox. We lack animals for a desert biome, so this was a win-win for me with the fennec fox. I now add these guys in many of zoos, so they are a clear-cut winner of this pack.

The other animals are also nice additions if we are going for the catch-all Africa pack. I think the southern white rhino is a fantastic addition because of the whole conservation aspect and we get another very large animal to have in our zoos. I think it’s really nice to have a new rhino and that it gets along with other animals in a habitat. I do wish we could have gotten a new conservation signage that came with the white rhino, it would have felt highly appropriate. The African penguins are one of my other most utilized animals, they are a great addition in any zoo and quite realistic as those are quite common in many real-world zoos.

The meerkats are another great addition in that they are a smaller animal. They are from a large swath of Africa so you can add them into a variety of habitats, since I like having additional smaller animal options and will never say no to a new one. For our exhibit animal we have the scarab beetle, which like most beetles’ breed and die at a super high speed so this exhibit takes a lot more maintenance.

What Animal Would I Want Added to this Pack?

Dromedary camel

Well, I clearly would have added a dromedary camel to this pack, hands down. As I said before it drives me nuts they gave us décor for this magnificent camel and did not actually give us the animal. There is a big visual difference between one hump versus two and I would most definitely use both kinds of camels equally in my zoos. That way we could have something thematic to match the fennec fox to have at least two animals exclusively from northern Africa. Honestly, this one really baffles and annoys me, and I continuously question why they didn’t bother to add the dromedary camel.

New Enrichment and Features

This pack has a few enrichment items and features. Firstly, meerkats can dig random holes in their exhibit which is a new feature. It is kind of fun to see how many holes they dig in their habitat 😃 The actual two enrichment items are a tennis ball and a curio ball. Both of these items are designed for smaller animals.

The Décor

I love the decoration options in this pack. However, as expressed before I’m not quite certain if they match the animals we got in the pack. I love using the decorations for the fennec fox and scarab beetles. The fountains are a wonderful piece of décor that I try to use because there a noticeable difference in quality from the base game fountains to the ones in this pack. I also love the new benches in this pack because of the canopy component. Lastly, I liked the addition of trellises, they are a great addition to many builds, in fact I use them often when making atm stations in warm weather zoos. Overall, a really solid amount of build items that I do use somewhat frequently.

Southeast Asia Animal Pack: Mar 30, 2021

When I was looking into purchasing this pack to be perfectly honest, I didn’t know a lot about most of these animals. The only one I have ever seen in an actual zoo is the Malaysian tapir. While I may have heard about some of these animals in name only, I am still glad I purchased this pack because it gives some really interesting animal options and pairs nicely with some of the base game animals.

The Habitat Animals: binturong, clouded leopard, sun bear, Malaysian tapir, North Sulawesi babirusa, proboscis monkey, and Ussuri dhole

The Exhibit Animals: giant leaf insect.

My Favorite Animal: North Sulawesi Babirusa

I did not even know what a babirusa was before this pack and these somewhat homely looking pigs have won my heart. I love having a pig in my zoo and the ability to have a tropical pig is more unique in my opinion. The Malaysian tapir is my second choice because of my familiarity with them and the watermelon striped babies are just too darn cute~ The clouded leopard makes a return from Zoo tycoon and I gotta say they are far less picky than their Zoo Tycoon counterparts (anybody else remember clouded leopards never being happy in their environment? No matter how hard I tried they didn’t like my habitat 😭).

The binturong is an animal that I’ve never heard of, but I think they are a unique looking animal and offers and elements of variety in any zoo. The sun bear is a new kind of bear that has unique markings and colors than the bears currently offered. I like that the binturong and sun bear can share a habitat and get enrichment value from it! Now I am not a fan of monkeys of any kind (if they add an emperor monkey, I will make an exception) so the proboscis monkey I’m not too much of a fan. They kind of creep me out a bit because they are nearly the size of humans and move in a way that unnerves me 🤣 Though I will add them occasionally out of pity and don’t want to never have them in any zoos.

The Ussuri dhole, honestly these guys simply add another canine to the mix and they behave like all our canine friends. I think it’s nice we have the ability for a more tropical or Indian animal, so they go nicely in either a tropic, southeast Asia, or Indian themed trail. The giant leaf insect is very different from our exhibit animals and is a wonderful addition to our exhibit animal offerings! I know some have criticized this pack for not having the “right animals” but all in all I quite enjoy the variety of selection and learned about some new animals in the process.

What Animal Would I Want Added to this Pack?

Greater Mouse-deer

So I did some preliminary internet research on some Southeast Asian animals and I found the cutest thing, the Greater Mouse-deer! These would be a great addition to this pack in that they are small and would pair well with the existing lowland subtropical animals we have in the pack. It is an ungulate (hooved animal) that is a bit smaller than most of our other hooved friends so it would be a fine addition to any zoo!~

Aquatic Pack: Dec 8, 2020

The Habitat Animals: Dwarf Caiman, Giant Otter, Grey Seal, and King Penguin

The Exhibit Animals: Diamondback Terrapin

My Favorite Animal: Giant Otter

I like the variety of aquatic animals we get in this pack. From a rainforest setting to the arctic all these animals are good additions especially if one likes to organize one’s zoo by biomes or continents. I will say this variety of animals I am not always using them exclusively in my zoos. It ultimately depends on what my zoo vision is.

Despite their cranky and somewhat scary looking faces, the Giant Otter is my favorite animal from the pack. These guys have been my most frequently added animal from this pack of late. I like how we get a variety of land and water interaction from the otters. They are unique in that they have many dog traits (alpha male and female), but they have substantially different needs and habitat requirements than our canine friends.

In the past I probably would have chosen the grey seal. It is still a favorite of mine but I wish there was a bit more underwater enrichment items for the seals seeing as the bulk of their time is in the water or sacked out on a jetty (they love to sunbathe 😂 ). The dwarf caiman is a lovely reptile addition especially if you don’t want the larger alligators or crocodiles we have at our disposal. The King Penguin was the first penguin we got and I love adding them to my tundra zoos. The King Penguins were the first animal I started adding tunnels to swim through so they get extra points because they broadened my creativity in my habitat designs!

Lastly, we have out exhibit animal the diamondback terrapin. I love that we have a turtle for an exhibit animal. I like that is north American and not a desert animal, so it gives some biodiversity for our exhibits (pairs with the bullfrog from the North America pack quite nicely). All I can say is I hope we see more turtles added into the game in the future!

What Animal Would I Want Added to this Pack?

Platypus, this animal is now in the Wetlands Animal Pack!

Since this pack in particular is essentially a random assortment of aquatic animals there are an ample amount of possibilities that almost makes me want another aquatic themed pack (or give us a full Marine Mania type expansion please??). In this pack there are no representatives from Australia and the platypus would be a wonderful addition to this ragtag team of animals. Clearly the aquatic pack isn’t confined to the water so the ability to have an exhibit both water and land is an asset to any zoo.

New Enrichment and Features

There are three new enrichment items in this pack: rubber ducks, platform floats, and jetties. I use the rubber duck all the time for the animals that like it. It is a perfect piece of enrichment to put next to a pond. The floats and jetties I don’t use as often due to the more specific nature of them. However, these pieces make a fine addition for the animals that don’t require as much land space. I love seeing the seals sacked out on the platforms they are certainly living the life!

The Décor

The aquatic pack has a nice variety of items; however, I don’t seem to use the given décor items as much as some of the other packs. We get some nice murals that match a rainforest or arctic scenery which is really nice. I kind of with we simply got a bit more water themed objects opposed to some of the random assortments we got in this pack. I think the overall lack of cohesiveness of this pack is quite apparent in the decoration department.

Australia Pack: Aug 25, 2020

The Habitat Animals: Dingo, Koala, Red Kangaroo, Southern Cassowary,

The Exhibit Animals: Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard

My Favorite Animal: Southern Cassowary

There is a clear lack of our feathered friends in Planet Zoo. This is why I love the edition of the southern cassowary. The constant looks of discontent the random hissing noises 🤣🤣 This is a bird with attitude and judgement, and I love putting them in my zoos. I also didn’t know these guys existed before getting this pack, so I learned something new! Also, the babies are so cute with their little spots and stripes 😍

The other animals in this pack are fairly commonly known Australian animals. Fun fact as of now this pack contains the only marsupials in the entirety of the game, the koalas and red kangaroos. The koalas are really cute. I like their ability and frequency of them climbing the trees in the habitat. Humans have the ability to enter the habitat which is always a great addition. The red kangaroos are a recognizable Australian species that is a fun addition to many zoos. I frequently add them to either my Australian section or if I want a different species of animal present.

The dingoes are pretty much the same as any other canine in Planet Zoo but I appreciate their presence because I’m always game for more canines. Our exhibit animal is a blue-tongued lizard. This is probably one of my most used exhibit animals because it’s one of the few desert reptiles that isn’t a snake. I love adding these to my “Desert Reptiles of the World” exhibit space.

What Animal Would I Want Added to this Pack?

Wombat or Echidna

Since this pack has released there have been more additions of smaller animals in DlCs. I could see either one of these as an interesting addition to any zoo. Both animals would add another unique smaller creature to our animal roster and could balance out the other animals within the pack. An echidna would be really interesting because we have no quilled creatures as of yet in the game. Honestly, I don’t have much to add but now that I thought of these, I definitely want them in the game now 😂

New Enrichment and Features

The only enrichment item that’s exclusive to this pack is the eucalyptus feeder for the koalas. This feeder gives an appearance of a tree but has an area where koalas can climb to and eat their eucalyptus leaves 😍

The Décor

I use the Australia walls ALL THE TIME! The wood coloring makes great for a lot of combinations and fits well in a desert or grassland setting. I like the animal related artwork as well and it serves as beautiful accent pieces for the guests to enjoy. I also like the prefabricated buildings and center pieces so in a pinch I know I can utilize something that is thematically appropriate and looks great. Honestly the build stuff is quite nice especially if you want more of the outback or at minimum the desert vibe added in one’s zoo’s decorations.

South America Pack: Apr 7, 2020

The Habitat Animals: Capuchin Monkey, Giant Anteater, Jaguar, and Llama

The Exhibit Animals: Red-Eyed Tree Frog

My Favorite Animal: Llama

The llama was a big factor in my getting this pack. My instincts of seeing me using llamas all the time was entirely correct. Llamas are really laid-back easy animals, so they are a reasonable starter animal for most zoos. Since they are highly domesticated animals too you can have guests go into the habitat and they are not bothered by people’s presence. Also, the way they sleep always cracks me up, they are always amusing chill guys and I love it~

The Capuchin monkey (as primates go) is one that I do like to add in my exhibits. Especially since the Capuchin monkeys, giant anteaters and the base game Baird’s tapir all benefit from one another in an exhibit. The giant anteaters are another great animal in my opinion. They are a bit different and gave us some new kinds of enrichment and were the animal that is present in much of this pack’s décor.

The jaguar is a lovely addition as well. You can often times get the pigmented coloring which I think is appropriate in a zoo. They are like most big cats, but they swim more frequently than some of the other cats available. The exhibit animal is the red-eyed tree frog. To be honest I forgot this was in the South America pack because it goes well with the other frogs we have in the base game. I love having a frog exhibit center and this a perfect addition!

What Animal Would I Want Added to this Pack?

Capybara, this animal is now in the Wetlands Animal Pack!~

The greatest crime of this pack in my opinion the clear absence of the capybara. The world’s largest rodent and you don’t add it to a pack?! I can already imagine the capybaras being really relaxed in ponds and being okay with humans in their habitat. Maybe the capybara will make a future appearance? Please…? I just think this would be a very nice addition because the areas they live in match most of the other animals in this pack’s locations in south and central America. Let’s just say llamas would have not ranked as my number one animal if capybaras were involved 🤣

The Décor

The décor is a mixed bag for me. In some ways I use items from it all the time but there are items I simply never touch from this pack. I think the little floral motifs are really nice for accent decorations and the animal signage and murals are quite fun and bring in fun colors and visuals. The temple walls I use fairly frequently, however, all of the other temple décor I haven’t utilized too much. The décor as a whole gives a somewhat tropical feel opposed to mountainous regions of south America. Overall décor wise this is a lovely addition to have in one’s arsenal.

Arctic Pack: Dec 17, 2019

This pack was the first packs released and one of the first ones I got. I purchased this one simply because I really wanted some of the animals in the pack and due to my love for snowy themes. On steam there are a lot of criticisms that there is an apparent animal shortage in this pack with only giving us four animals. That topic aside this pack is one I do tend to use at a fairly high frequency from either utilizing one animal or décor items here and there. Honestly I love the addition of more snow based animals and the ability to make taiga and tundra be a bit more thematic.

The Habitat Animals: Arctic Wolf, Dall Sheep, Polar Bear, and Reindeer

The Exhibit Animals: None

My Favorite Animal: Dall Sheep

So, one of the biggest pulls to me for this pack were the Dall Sheep. I love making a habitat for them that is mountainous but with grazing areas as well. They’ve become a staple in many of my zoos and I love the ability to have some sheep in the game! The reindeer go in a similar vein as the Dall sheep in that they are quite different from the other hooved animals the base game or some of the other packs provide.

The arctic wolf is also a great addition because if you do a “canines of the world” theme like I’ve done they give a perspective from the colder snowier environments. Polar bears are nice to have but I don’t always put them in my zoos due to the habitat size requirements. That being said there are only four options and not even a new exhibit animal. I would have liked to at least see five animals because four is a bit on the shallow side. But the animals we do get are high quality animals and loved by many so it’s definitely a mixed bag.

What Animal Would I Want Added to this Pack?

Arctic fox (before NA Pack) as of now arctic hare, walrus, or muskox

Well at one point I would have said the arctic fox, because… its arctic? Doing some research on arctic animals I have three viable options for this pack. Now that it seems they are adding more aquatic based and smaller animals in other packs there are more possibilities!~ So I would either choose an arctic hare, walrus, or muskox. I think we are lacking in any of these kinds of animals so they would be a great addition to be able to put in our zoos. I think of these three I think a muskox would be really unique and give another bovine option. I could see an arctic hare being really popular among fans because imagine the cuteness~ Since we are lacking in terms of the number of animals in this pack, I would live to see two more additions to make this a bit more well-rounded and comparable to the other current packs.

The Décor

The decorations in this pack are really quite stellar. I use the arctic walls that come with this pack, the somewhat weathered wood look appeals to me. The overall décor fits perfectly if you want to make a winter wonderland or simply an arctic village vibe.  From the wall décor to the lighting this is a pack is one of my top utilized. If you are even remotely into decorating I would say this pack is a must!

Planet Zoo Deluxe Upgrade Pack: Nov 5, 2019

Honestly, if you’re a classic Zoo Tycoon fan you simply just need to get this if you haven’t already. In my opinion all these animals are needed~

The Habitat Animals: Komodo Dragon, Pygmy Hippopotamus, Thomson’s Gazelle

My Favorite Animal: Thompson’s Gazelle

As much as I love the pygmy hippo, the Thomson’s Gazelle is a classic Zoo Tycoon animal and it simply feels right to have them in the zoo. Having an exhibit with zebras, giraffes, and Thomson’s gazelles 😃. An old tried and true staple for the game. The pygmy hippo is really nice if you are wanting to create a smaller scale zoo and want a smaller scale hippo. I really like how we have an additional hippo option! The Komodo dragon is probably my least used animal in comparison to the other two, but I like how it’s not another African animal and we get another Asian animal. The Komodo dragon is a really good addition if you are doing an Asian themed or even southeast Asian themed area of your zoo. Overall, all three have something unique about them and are quite nice to have when one is creating one’s zoo.

Wrap Up

Honestly, there are so many things going on as a whole in any sandbox/builder game that as a casual player it is hard to keep track of everything unique or different from each DLC because eventually they all start merging together 🥴 It is entirely possible I may have missed an enrichment, feature, or decorative object from a specific DLC. This review is meant to just highlight the things I have noticed and namely the animals from each pack. I love getting a new DLC in Planet Zoo because I want more animals and either new enrichment or décor items. But ultimately the animals are where it’s at!~ I love getting new animals and making themes from them and how they can intermingle with the base game or already existing packs.